Robert Jakubski (Owner/Project Manager)

Dawid, Robert's son was always by the work that Robert has done. From the start Dawid decided to help his father start out his business and that is why Jakubek Inc became a family business from the start. Dawid's ability to design and come up with creative ideas amazed many customers. That is why Jakubek Inc feels confident about their work!

When Robert first started out his business, his main goal was customer's satisfaction. He knew from his own personal experience that customers struggle throught out the process of remodeling, and that is why Robert decided to create a buisness that not only designs and remodels but also helps throught out the entire process.

There is no other craftsment like Robert and he will prove that to you once Jakubek Inc will have the pleasure to work with you. 

Dawid Jakubski (Owner/Designer Specialist )